The 9 + 1 theses of coduism Manifesto´s form the basis for the engagement with the artistic approach of a coduism artist.

Here the Manifesto is divided into three plus one parts: Transformation of the senses, synthesis of the senses, expansion of the sense-reality and the vision of coduism.

CODUISM THESIS The Vision of Coduism

All senses are entangled, just as all quantum particles in the cosmos are entangled.

Only through the entanglement of all senses do we recognize the entire reality that rests within itself and exists simultaneously in every place. The entanglement of all senses means to enable knowledge as the totality of all information.


Transformation of the Senses
  • Thesis 1: The senses of a human being can be combined to make extended experiences as a human being.
  • Thesis 2: Symbols can serve as bridges or gates between different levels of reality.
  • Thesis 3: Transformation of the senses means attaining a conscious, newly induced perception of oneself and reality.
Synthesis of the senses
  • Thesis 4: If a human being combines several of his senses, he consciously perceives expanded and new spaces of reality.
  • Thesis 5: In our world, hearing and seeing represent dual levels of reality with colours and sounds. Colour is tone and tone is colour.
  • Thesis 6: Synthesis of all senses of a human being form the basis for higher consciousness and the self resting in itself.
Extension of the sense-reality
  • Thesis 7: Simultaneity of two consciously perceived emotions can be heard and seen simultaneously.
  • Thesis 8: Extended experiences can always be experienced when simultaneous sensory perception takes place.
  • Thesis 9: Simultaneity triggers a sense of reality, which is felt through the synthesis of inner and outer peace.