FAMOUS ARTIST Sergey Dubroff

“I see the world with closed eyes and I get into my subconsciousness. I know – all this is the Universe! I ask myself why haven’t I noticed it earlier? Also I understand, that I always saw and felt it.”

This quote from the artist is important to understand his artistic journey: JODU creates without borders! In his inner world live infinite sensations of musical and colorful nature.

Sergey Dubroff was born in the family of a known USSR artist. He grew up in his grandfather’s studio, surrounded by the smell of oil paints and solvents with the aftertaste of beautiful piano sounds and classical music. His grandfather was a passionate opera lover, his mother a pianist. This environment has shaped his whole childhood and as if he had no choice, he has dedicated his life to art.

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1986 – Clarinet education in the music school in his hometown, accompanied by choral singing and many performances.

1993 – His family moves to Munich. Education at the Richard-Strauss-Conservatory with main subject classical singing. Subsequently Karl Franzens University in Graz, majoring in jazz singing.

1994 – In the cellar of a house he finds two very old wooden boxes with old oil paints. His first pictures are created. In the following years he works on his style, which distinguishes by a pronounced colour effect.

2007 – Move to Switzerland, where he works 7.5 years on his work “6.000.000”. It was his wish to depict the drama of the Holocaust in painting through a pictorial “sign” for each of the 6 million victims.

Since 2009 – Numerous exhibitions in Lucerne, Zurich, Fribourg, Munich, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Stuttgart, Riga, Hong Kong. Private exhibitions: Washington, London, Dublin, Berlin, New York.

Since 2009 JODU has been working intensively with the artist COCOW. Joint vernissages and exhibitions.

In his pictorial compositions JODU creates surprising, strange, imaginary, unreal worlds, with a special representation. It uses a palette of strong colours that accentuate the improbable.