FAMOUS ARTIST Corinna Wolfram

“I dream in colors, symbols and shapes away of the feeling of lightness and flying towards infinity.”, Corinna Wolfram (COCOW)

The strong colours, the earthy tones, the natural materials and – above all – the irrepressible power that these pictures radiate. No wonder that many art lovers believed for a long time that only one man could hide behind the name COCOW. But COCOW is a woman, a beautiful, moreover, very feminine, for years professionally recognized as a photo make-up artist only committed to starry, feminine beauty.

Perhaps her way of painting is the answer: wild, irrepressible, of a power that captivates every viewer. To be masculine – the artistic counterpoint to a very feminine woman. “I don’t want to be tender in my pictures, but expressive,” says COCOW, born in Riga, Latvia, cool Swedish blood in her veins. As a child COCOW came to Germany, always filled with the longing for the power of nature, the colours of the landscape. Today she paints in her studio at Tegernsee in Bavaria, still inspired by her long creative period on Mallorca in Spain – inspired by the stones of the mountains, by the light and the collar beauty of nature.

COCOW began as a “young savage”, today her pictures are more abstract, with a deep concentration on an even more expressive style. The warm Mediterranean colours, the mix of oil and acrylic colours, the use of natural materials such as the earth of Marllorca characterise her unmistakable works.

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The images of COCOW, as expressive as they are, hide more than they show. COCOW paints up to eight layers until the final work develops. Then she puts the brush out of her hand and gives the pictures or collages the final COCOW stamp with her fingers.

Only then do the impressive figurative constellations emerge, only then does the combination of colour and matter express the painter’s feeling. It is left entirely to the eye of the beholder to decide how deeply he penetrates the paintings and whether he succeeds in deciphering the secret of COCOW.

1970 – During a stay in Riga, artists discovered their interest in painting. The first autodidactic figurative works were created. 1973 stays in London and further contacts to painter and artist circles that inspired COCOW in the form of dealing with different materials, techniques and forms.

1975 – Another trip to Riga and Moscow. Visit to Prof. Raikins, who had a great influence on her work. In the following years these became more progressive and determined by a wild passion for colours.

1980 – First experiences as a model and later as a make-up artist in front of and behind the camera. Creative experiments in painting and furnishing of her studio in Mallorca. First series of pictures are created and first inquiries and exhibitions follow.

Since 1990 – exhibitions in Mallorca, Munich, Düsseldorf, Riga, Zurich and Hong Kong. Establishment of her studio at Tegernsee in Bavaria. Travels and development of her own art form: coduism. The combination of colours, forms, symbols, natural materials and music creates unique works of art. Joint projects with Sergey Dubroff and further development of the coduism art form.

“Partially visible and yet hidden, audible at the same time. The fascinating thing about painting is the half hidden, the secret, as well as the audible in the subconscious. You have to think your way in, bring the content to the surface through fantasy in order to bring the picture to life”. COCOW about the music in her pictures

“The spell of the picture is magical when the viewer penetrates deeply into the painting. A tension that can break open symbolically at any time. Therefore coduism holds secrets with depths and heights”. COCOW on Coduism