FAMOUS ARTIST CoDu Digital Artist

The digital world surrounds us today in every life situation. Digital coduism uses methods of the digital world to make inner and outer experience tangible with information worlds and to make history tangible in the moment of observation.

Digital coduism uses digital forms of representation and extended levels of experience associated with the artwork to make the creative process visible and perceptible to the viewer.

In addition, digital coduism extends the artwork with information that is or can be linked to the artwork on a timeline. Thus, digital coduism is another element in the entanglement of different timelines with consciousness in the moment of contemplation.

Digital coduism uses methods and means from the digital world, such as social media and content worlds, supported by audio and video installations.

Visitors to vernissages immerse themselves in the works of art and often want to understand more than a quick glance allows. Digital coduism picks up on the artist’s creative and development process and depicts historical and artistic processes.

Digital companions such as the smartphone or tablets are also included in the visitor experience. In this way, the artist’s information and references can be incorporated directly into the viewing experience. The creation process, the artist’s working environment and hints from his biography are thus put aside for the viewer of the artworks.

Colours, symbols and music can then be experienced by every art lover in vernissages of coduism. Codu – our digital coduist – accompanies you after a visit to a vernissage via websites and small tools specially created for vernissages. As a visitor, you remain connected to the artworks and experience the further development live and in real time.