About Art

There is no instance, no authority, that determines once and for all: “This is art.” No one can provide binding guidelines and definitions.

What is certain is that art has to do with human emotions and appreciation.

Works of art are loved, often accompany people throughout their lives and are also harshly criticized.

Does art lie in the way it is processed or only in the way it is viewed? Something becomes art above all because it finds recognition.

June, 2019



Exhibition in Zurich, Switzerland – Joint exhibition of the artists COCOW and JODU.


Exhibition in Riga, Lativa – Joint exhibition of the artists COCOW and JODU.


COCOW creates frames for their paintings in their own design. The clear forms, surfaces and colours of the frames contrast in a fascinating way with the organic structures of the paintings. While COCOW’s works can be experienced visually and haptically through their intense colours and the use of acrylic, plaster, natural materials and other materials, they become incomparable total works of art through the combination with the special three-dimensional frame forms.


COCOW and JODU are currently working on their new paintings, which will be presented to the public in late autumn 2019 as part of a completely redesigned vernissage.