A look into history: music inspired by art

Music and art with all its colours and forms have always been a cultural asset for people, which can help in many daily situations to get into oneself and to find peace from everyday stress. Pictures surround us and pictures are in us and are simply there our whole life. The same applies to music. Music exists not only through musical instruments and notes, but can also be perceived as an inner melody.

In the history of music and art there are some composers who composed music under the impression of a painting. Here would be Franz Liszt “Totentanz” (painting: Raffael, Marriage of the Virgin Mary), S. Rachmaninow “Toteninsel” (painting: A. Böcklin, Toteninsel) and C. Debussy “Island of Pleasures” (painting: A. Watteau, embarkation after Kythera). In Coduism, on the other hand, paintings are created under the impression of various musical works, whereby an attempt is made to depict the composer’s inner emotions and feelings in one painting. The melodies are transformed into colours, forms and symbols in the painter’s colours. The examination of this art form is so exciting because an inner dialogue develops between the senses (sense of hearing and sense of sight) and thus a mutual approach.

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