Definition of Coduism

“Coduism is carried by the interplay of a musical experience that determines the basic composition of the painting, towards the fascinating entry into the world of colours, forms and symbols as a visible element of the artwork created by the artist. This imaginary world, which represents a triad of tones, colours and symbols, tries to create a space of experience for eyes, ears and intuition by creating an experience area of colours and the partly structured composition. This enables the viewer to experience colours and tones simultaneously and synchronously.”

COCOW & JODU´s definition of Coduism

The Art of Coduism

The artist’s creativity is supported by the merging of tones and colours with the aid of symbolic compositional elements. The viewer intuitively grasps a total work of art that can be motionless and dynamic at the same time.

The consciousness that sees and hears in the moment of viewing intuitively creates a new reality for itself.

Coduism is thus the synthesis between two art directions: Music and painting, which enable people to develop their inner hearing as well as their inner sight. It is mental or inner perception of what sounds in this moment and to see what can be seen in reality.

Here, synthesis occurs between the senses, connected by symbolically intuitive perception and holistic experience of the work of art.

Similarly, the art direction is contrast, confrontations of colors, shapes, symbols, tempos, loud and soft tones, high and low notes.

The melodies are transformed into colours, shapes and symbols in the painter’s colours.

The examination of this art form is so exciting because it creates an inner dialogue between the senses and thus a mutual approach.

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Sergey Dubroff – JODU was born in 1976 in USSR, in the family of a prominent and nationwide celebrated artist.

Sergey has dedicated his whole life to art, namely oil painting and operatic voice training. His professional career started in 1993, when he immigrated to Munich, Germany, and commenced his artistic studies.

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